Submitting Trades to SkyNet

Crew Companion Mobile allows you to create trades, pickups, drops, and vacation drops all from the convenience of your smartphone. Now you can also submit those trades to SkyNet from the convenience of your smartphone also!

  1. Using your browser, navigate to Crew Companion Mobile
  2. If prompted, enter your File# and Crew Companion password and log in
  3. Go to "My Trades" screen
  4. +
  5. The next screen you are presented with will show all of your trades. Should you be ready to submit all of your trades you may do that all in a single mouse click. Simply click "Submit All"
  6. +

  7. You will be prompted with a SkyNet log in window
  8. +
  9. Enter your file number and SkyNet password and click on “Log in”
  10. Next you will be prompted to enter a three digit Captcha code
  11. Finally, click the “Submit” button
  12. +
  13. If submitting more than one trade, the next trade will be immediately submitted and a new Captcha code displayed
  14. Continue the process until all trades have been submitted
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