Creating a Smart Trade Requests (Criteria Based)

Crew Companion Mobile allows you to create trades, pickups, drops, and vacation drops all from the convenience of your smartphone. As stated above, this page outlines creating Smart Trades. Smart Trades are beneficial in achieving that ideal schedule utilizing as few or as many criteria one desires. The criteria enable crew members to filter trips requests based on their specific scheduling needs.

  1. Using your browser, navigate to Crew Companion Mobile
  2. If prompted, enter your File# and Crew Companion password and log in
  3. Go to "My Trades" screen
  4. Click on the "Create Trade" link
  5. +

  6. Here you will select trips you would like to trade away
  7. +
  8. Click "Next" and on the new page ensure the “Use criteria” radio button is selected
  9. +
  10. Select a date or a date range during which you would like to obtain a trip
  11. Click on a drop down menu titled “Add new criteria” and select as many criteria as desired
  12. Click “Show Matches” to see which trips match your criteria and verify those trips agree with what you expect in reference with your criteria
  13. NOTE: As you are shopping through your 'matches', pay attention to the right side of the page also. Conveniently, all of your legalities, pay, and calendar will update to give you a true picture of the potential schedule for that month.
    We would also like to point out that in order to see all options one must turn their smartphone screen horizontally

  14. Shop for trips you would like to pick up and once you find an appealing one select it with a single mouse click
  15. Our example, in the image below, is using ID1876/12. And as soon as we selected that trip (illustrated in blue), legality as well as all other trip details are conveniently be displayed to the right.
  16. +
  17. Click "Next"
  18. “Review” your selections, make necessary changes, and lastly, save your trade
  19. +
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