Creating a Direct Trade Requests (Specific IDs)

Crew Companion Mobile allows you to create trades, pickups, drops, and vacation drops all from the convenience of your smartphone. As stated above, this page outlines creating Direct Trades. Direct Trades are beneficial when you have a specific trip ID you'd like to obtain for your schedule in exchange for a trip your already 'own'.

  1. Using your browser, navigate to Crew Companion Mobile
  2. If prompted, enter your File# and Crew Companion password and log in
  3. Go to "My Trades" screen
  4. Click on the "Create Trade" link
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  6. From the tradable trips list, on "My Trades" page, select which trip(s) you wish to trade away

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  8. Next we will complete a direct trade request through the selection of "Specific trip(s)". The "Available Trips" list contains all open and trade board trips but can be filtered as desired

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  10. "Review" your selections, make necessary changes, and lastly, save your trade

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