Creating a Direct Pickup Requests (Specific IDs)

Crew Companion Mobile allows you to create trades, pickups, drops, and vacation drops all from the convenience of your smartphone. As stated above, this page outlines creating Direct Pickups.

  1. Using your browser, navigate to Crew Companion Mobile
  2. If prompted, enter your File# and Crew Companion password and log in
  3. Click on the "Create Pickup" link

  4. +

  5. Ensure the "Specific Trip(s)" radio button is selected
  6. Select a trip(s) that meet you needs

  7. +
  8. Click "Next"
  9. Rename the pickup / transaction as you see fit and add any comments you wish
  10. “Review” your selections, make necessary changes, and lastly, save your pickup / transaction
  11. Click "Save"
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