Zed Flight Planner

"Zed Flight Planner" makes it easy to pull flight information and gives you an indication of what your chances are of getting onboard.

  1. On the CC Mobile home page, select "Zed Flight Planner" link
  2. On the next page click the "Create Query" button.
  3. Enter your departing airport code and the airport code of your destination (if applicable).
  4. After choosing your times of departure/arrival, click "Save & Run" button.
  5. Within a few seconds the program will provide you with the results of several options. Zed Flight Planner will tell you if your chances of getting onto any particular flight are: "Great", just "OK", or "Poor".

    NOTE: By creating this new query, the program is actually performing two steps. While it is running the results for you it is also saving this query for you should you need it again.