To begin working with Notifications:

  1. Press Notifciations.
  2. Press Create New.
  3. Enter a name for the Notification.
  4. Under Notify for: press the drop down arrow to select either Open Trips, BB Posts, Both, or (Disable).

  5. Under Date Range, press the drop down arrow to select Begins Between, Is Contained Within, or Perpetual.
  6. To select the date range on the Calendar, press on the Beginning Date. Then press on the Ending Date. This will select the date range.

  7. Press the Add new criteria drop down arrow to select the desired criteria. You can add as many criteria as you like. Refer to the Criteria Definitions for more explanation on what the criteria selection means.

  8. To add more criteria, continue to press the Add new criteria drop down arrow.
  9. To remove a criteria selection, click the Delete button next to the criteria.
  10. When finished, press Save.
  11. To back up or exit, press the Home button.
  12. The Notifications that you created will be listed.