Trip Trade Requests

Process for Creating a Trade Request

When you are ready to create a trade request, it is best to follow the steps below:

Getting Current Trip Information

Manually Refresh the Available Trips:

Crew Companion Automatically Refreshes the Available Trips:
The trip data is refreshed on startup and at the selected interval on the Tools, Options, Refresh tab. Check any other boxes that you want pulled on startup and when the Refresh button on the toolbar is checked. Keep in mind that if you check “My Calendar and Trip Details” next to Refresh on Startup, this may take longer for your computer to load Crew Companion because it will automatically log you into Unimatic and refresh the trip information.

Note: Crew Companion will only pull trips for your selected Domicile, Fleet and Seat.

Note: If you are on the either the 777 or the 400 fleet, Crew Companion will also check for CRAF/MAC trips under the ORD D10 and ORD 747 fleets respectively and located in other domiciles if the first leg is a deadhead. These trips will indicate the Domicile and fleet the data was pulled from in the Comment section of the Trips & Trade Display Pane along with the word "LIFT".

Searching Available Trips

Once a Refresh has been performed and the Available Trips are displayed, now you are ready to browse the trips in the Trips & Trade Display Pane. The trips that have come open since the last time you checked will be bold. Simply click on any trip to display it in the My Calendar Pane and to see the Trip Details, double click or right mouse click on the trip.

In the My Calendar Pane, your current CALREC and the number of trades available for each day will be displayed for the selected month. If you click on a trip in the trip list, it will be shopped in your line to allow you to see whether you like the trip, how it affects your monthly pay and whether it is legal in the monthly Summary Pane.

Types of Trade Requests

Once you have identified which trip you want, the next step is to create the trade request. Depending upon if you are a lineholder or reserve pilot, the type of trade request you create will vary. Click the links below for step by step instructions on how to create a specific type of trade request.

LineHolder Pilot

Note: You do not need to Trade Away a trip in order to Trade Into another trip.

Reserve Pilot

Manage or Modify a Trade Request

Once you have created a trade request, you may need to make modifications to the trade, refer to Manage and Modify Trade Requests for more information on how to do this.

Video Tutorials

For step by step instructions on how to Create Smart Trades, Create a Direct Trade, Create a Vacation Drop, Submit Trades, and Bulletin Board Post, refer to the Video Tutorials.