Contact Owner to Propose a Trip Trade

If you see a trip on the Trade Board that you like, you can propose a Pickup Only, Trade, or Custom define the type of trade you want. Use one of the methods below to propose a trade on the Trade Board:

How to Contact the Owner of a Trade Board Trip

  1. Click on the Trade Board in the Left Side Panel and locate the trip you like.
  2. In the center section of the Trips and Trades Display Pane, click the Contact Owner button.
  3. The Contact Information dialog box will appear and load with a preset message (Pickup Only, or Trade or Custom) based on whether the selected trip overlaps one of your trips. You can alter/add additional information to the Subject or Message if desired but when sending Unimatic E-Notes, the subject is limited to 16 characters.

  4. If you wish to view the other pilots Calrec to see if your trip will fit in their schedule, click the Get Calendar button.
  5. If you want to send a Unimatic E-Note, check the box. This box is the only option if available when the Trip Owner is not a Crew Companion customer or has opted out of Trade Board Trading.
  6. If you click Close, it will save the message for later use but NOT send the message.

  7. Check the Create Person-to-Person trade proposal checkbox if you want the other pilot to be able to submit a “handshake” pilot to pilot trade where your file number will be listed in the trade guaranteeing the trade if legal.

    This option is only selectable when there is a one trip for one trip trade proposed. SkyNet does not allow the other pilots file number to be listed in ANY circumstances except one for one trades.

  8. Click Send Message when you are ready.
  9. Click Close when finished.

After a Trade Proposal has been created, the proposal will be listed under My Proposals in the Left Side Panel and waiting for the other pilot to Accept or Reject the Trade Proposal.


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