Create a Post on the Trade Board

There are two ways to list your trips for trade on the Trade Board:

  1. Automatically when creating SkyNet trades
  2. This is the NORMAL method of posting on the Trade Board. Simply create drop, trade or pickup requests through Crew Companion and submit them to SkyNet. Doing so automatically creates a post so others can see your trade desires. The instructions below explain how to create a SEPERATE Trade Board Post so if you wish to create a submittable SkyNet Trade and automatically list it on the Trade Board, follow the instructions for creating a Direct Trade or a Smart Trade and Submitting it to SkyNet.

  3. By creating a SEPERATE Trade Board Post

    Sometimes you will wish to create a post that WILL NOT be submitted to SkyNet. There are several reasons you may choose this option. The criteria available for creating a separate Trade Board Post is quite extensive compared to what SkyNet allows. You also are not limited to only 18 trades as you are on SkyNet. Finally, these trade requests are not as visible to the company.

To create a trade on the Trade Board:

  1. Click on My Trips.
  2. Drag and Drop the trip onto the Trade Board.
  3. Alternatively, simply drag a trip from your calendar display and drop it on 'My Trade Board Posts'

  4. You will be prompted with a dialog box providing more information on the Trade Board Post. BE SURE TO READ this dialog box as it states that posting a trip directly onto the Trade Board means it WILL NOT be submittable to Skynet.
  5. In the Trade Board Post dialog box, define any criteria you are looking for in a trip.
  6. Add your contact information if it is not completed and add Comments.
  7. Click OK when finished.

Your Trade Board Post will now be displayed on the Trade Board and My Trade Board Posts.


Modify a Trade Board Post

There are many ways, you can modify a Trade Board Post. To modify a Trade Board Post, click on the Trade Post under My Trade Board Posts, then:

Once you are in the Trade Board Post dialog box, modify the criteria and click OK when finished.

Delete a Trade Board Post

If you decide that you no longer want the Trade Board Post, you can delete it using one of the methods below.

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