Browse the Trade Board

Before you begin working with the Trade Board, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Legend icons. The Trip Status Icons will be the most useful when referring to the icons and color coding.

To begin browsing and shopping the Trade Board, click on Trade Board in the Left Side Panel. In the Trips and Trades Pane you will see trade and drop requests listed. To see what pilots are interested in just picking up, you'll click on the Trips Wanted instead.

The Trade Board Posts that you have created appear in the color orange and those that have been created by anyone else in your domicile, fleet and seat appear in green. The down arrow indicates a drop request. the double arrows indicate a trade request and the triple arrows indicate the owner is attempting to drop or trade that trip.

If the trip owner is not a Crew Companion subscriber, the post will appear with a white background and have a ? indicating it is unknown whether he is interested in dropping or trading the trip in question. Only those criteria sets for the selected month are displayed.

When a trip is selected, the owners trade (or drop) desires are displayed in the section directly above your calendar along with any comments he has. To see more Trip Details on a specific Trade Request, double click on the Trip ID or click the Show Details button in the center section of the Trips and Trades Pane.

Refresh Potentially Open

Single click the Refresh Potentially Open button to get the latest trips from Skynet that are potentially open. The Potentially Open trips will be displayed with a ? indicating it is unknown whether he is interested in dropping or trading the trip in question.

Opt-Out of the Trade Board

You can choose to completely 'Opt Out' of the Trade Board even if your subscription level permits access. However, by doing this you it is more difficult for others to trade trips with you because they will not know whether you wish to drop or trade your trips. You can still submit trades to Skynet but they will only display as Potentially Open.

If you check the box to Opt-Out, you will be prompted with the dialog box below. If you click Yes to disable the personal information of phone and e-mail from displaying, you can uncheck the box to activate these features again.

Note: If you hover your mouse over the Include Crew Companion note on E-Note, it will display the text that is appended to the E-Note upon delivery to non-Crew Companion customers.

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