Accept or Reject a Trade Proposal

When another pilot sends you a Trade Proposal, you can choose to Accept or Reject the Trade Board Post. The Trade Proposal will appear under Proposals to Me in the Left Side Panel. If you do not see it listed there, he may have simply sent you a message. In that case you can propose a trade to him or her if the potential trade is a one for one trade. If not, simply submit your trade desires to SkyNet and it may be awarded.

To Accept or Reject a Trade Proposal

  1. In the Left Side Panel, click on Proposals to Me. Locate the proposal and click on it.
  2. Before Accepting or Rejecting the trade proposal, it is a good idea to click the Check trade proposal legality button.
  3. If you like the trip and want to Accept it, click the Accept trade proposal button (Red heart). However, if do not want to trade trips, click the Reject trade proposal button (black heart).
  4. Whether you Accept or Reject the trade proposal you will be prompted with a dialog box confirming the action and letting you know that you cannot undo the action.
  5. If you choose to Accept the trade proposal, click the Accept trade proposal button.
  6. You will be prompted to Check Legality, Accept Proposal, Reject Proposal or Close. Click the appropriate button.

    If you choose to Accept Proposal, be sure to Submit the trade to Skynet and enter the 3 digit authentication code when prompted. Note that the other pilots file number will be placed in the pilot to pilot box automatically. Only one for one type trades allow this entry and this type of "handshake" trade should fire before the normal trade run thus putting you in control of the trip trade process. The other pilot will be notified that you submitted the trade request.

    If you choose to Reject Proposal, the other pilot will be notified that you were not interested. The heart icon for that trade as well as that trip in listed on the Trade Board will turn black as a reminder you've rejected it.

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