Smart Pickup Disclaimer

The Smart Pickup feature, while arguable one of the most powerful features of Crew Companion, because of its ability to improve your schedule all by itself, likewise has the potential to ruin your schedule if you're not careful. Take care when selecting criteria to insure you fully understand the type of trip that will satisfy the criteria and generate a successful Aggressive Pickup. Also do not select a minimum notification time less than you are sure you can comply with.

Disclaimer: We have taken meticulous care to insure that for whichever criteria sets you choose, only trips that meet your criteria will be traded for. We have extensively tested this capability, and while it appears to work perfectly, we make no guarantee that errors will not happen. We also cannot predict when the company will make changes that may affect the subroutines which check the criteria sets. This is highly unlikely, but is possible. In summary, the Smart Pickup feature should do exactly what you tell it to do, but we cannot guarantee it 100%.