Reserves Available (RSVA)

What is Reserves Available?

If you are a reserve pilot, it may be useful to see the list of other reserve pilots. You can either view the list of reserve pilots in the Crew Companion window or open them in a separate window.

How to Get List of Reserves Available

  1. Click Reserves Available in the Left Side Panel.

Update or Refresh RSVA

To get the latest list of reserve pilots, in the Reserves Available pane, you can click the Update RSVA button. In addition you can also change the Refresh settings under Tools, Options so the list of reserves is automatically updated when you open Crew Companion or when you click the Refresh toolbar button.

Once you have the list of reserve pilots, you can choose to show, hide, reorder, resize, and sort the columns to your liking.

Pull a Calendar for a Reserve Pilot

If you want to pull a calrec for a reserve pilot, once you have updated the list of reserves, right mouse click on a pilots name.

The pilots calrec will appear in raw data format. If you would like to view another pilot's calrec:

  1. Click the drop down arrow to change the pilot's name.
  2. Click Get DSPREC.
  3. Click Close when finished.