Reserve Pilot Quick Start Guide

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After Crew Companion has been installed and a Calrec pulled, Crew Companion will recognize you are on reserve and make several minor changes to put it in Reserve Mode. This includes changes to the menus, Left Side Panel and toolbar buttons to allow you to easily create Aggressive Pickup direct trades and "Smart Pickups" which are criteria-based pickup requests. Explained below is the process to create Aggressive Pickup (Direct Pickup) requests and Smart Pickup or criteria-based pickup requests as well as how to create Notifications.

Aggressive Pickups

If you are interrested in creating Aggressive Pickups, you should understand there are two types you can create.

  1. The first type is called a Direct Pickup. With this type, you have to specify the exact trip that you want to pick up. You can create one by dragging a trip from the Open Trips list on to the My Pickup Requests item in the Left Side Panel.

  2. The second type is called a Smart Pickup. A Smart Pickup has a set of criteria that you specify and it will constantly check the open trips for matches to that criteria. If one is found, a Direct Pickup request is created for that trip just above the Smart Pickup. A Smart Pickup may be created by clicking on the Create Smart Pickup toolbar button.

For a more detailed explanation, please see Aggressive Reserve Pickups.

Create a Notification Criteria Set

You can also choose to just be notified when a new trip opens that meets your criteria by:

Again, the Crew Companion server will check 24/7 for new trips and notify you via your desired notification methods.

Help and Support

Crew Companion is extremely powerful at improving your quality of life but requires a small investment of your time to truly get all the full range of capabilities. Click the Help menu for access to the Help File, Tutorials, Technical Support, training classes and more. You can also refer to the Technical Support for more information.

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