Aggressive Reserve Computer Preferencing (Priority List)

Platinum subscribers will now be able to arm an Aggressive Pickup on one machine and have a completely different computer actually make the pickup attempt! Click Tools/Options/Misc Tab and click the "Computer Priority List" link to adjust the priority order. You'll be able to name and order each machine as you start Crew Companion on each machine. Put your fastest machine at the top to maximize your chances of success. Soon, you'll be able to arm pickups from CC Lite and CC Mobile and have them fire from one of your computers in the list, as well!

How do I Create the Priority List?

Each time you log into Crew Companion from a different computer than we have not detected previously, we'll display the Computer Priority List from the Tools/Options/Misc tab. You'll be able to name the new computer and move it up or down in your priority list.

Which Computer Should I List First?

The fastest one! Unimatic only allows one computer login per file number at a time so you cannot make an attempt for a pickup from more than one machine at the same time because they will fight each other for the login. By preferencing your fastest computer first, if that computer is available to perform the pickup (Crew Companion running minimized or full screen w/internet connection), it will do so giving you the best chance for success. The next machine in the list will only make the pickup attempt if the first (or previous) computer is not available.

What if I'm not a Platinum Subscriber?

Reserve pickup requests for Gold and Silver subscribers will not be passed to nor coordinated by the server, therefore the pickup must be armed on the computer you wish to fire the pickup request which is how it worked before this new feature was added.

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