Manage and Modify Notifications

After you have created Notifications, you may need to Duplicate, Edit, Rename, Delete, or Disable Notifications.

Edit or Modify a Notification

If you need to change the criteria for a Notification, use one of the methods below to edit the criteria and when finished click OK in the Modifying Criteria dialog box.

Rename Notification

Since you can create an unlimited number of Notifications, it is a good idea to rename them to something that is meaningful. This way it is easier to keep track of what Notification you are working with and may need to Edit or Delete. To rename a Notification, use one of the methods below.

Delete Notification

If you need to delete a Notification, use one of the methods below:

Disable Notification

There may be a time when you need to disable a Notification temporarily. This does not Delete the Notification, but let’s you disable it and then you can choose to enable it once again. To disable a Notification:

The Notification will now appear dimmed out. To enable the Notification again, follow the same steps as above. When you click None (Disabled), this will toggle the Notification to On.

Note: You can also double click the Notification and choose None (Disabled) from the Notify for option.

Notification Settings

By clicking Notification Settings on the Notification menu, it will take you to the Tools, Options, Notifications tab. If you decide that you do not want to receive Notifications to your e-mail address of cell phone, you can turn Notification method off by unchecking the box next to the Notification method as shown below. You can also make any other modifications needed to your notification Methods or Settings under the Tools menu. For more information, refer to the Notifications Settings Tab.

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