Manage and Modify Trade Requests

After a trade request has been created, you may need to rename, save, delete, or move the trade up and down in the list. For SkyNet trades that have been submitted, editing is not allowed because the time stamp would change moving that trade to the bottom of the list. All of these functions can be performed by clicking Trade from the Menu Bar or right mouse click on a specific trade request.

NOTE: Once a trade has been uploaded to SkyNet, it cannot be edited although it can be deleted and then recreated as desired. This is done to eliminate confusion that could occur if editing was allowed. Editing a trade request would change the time stamp moving the trade to the bottom of the order.

How to Rename a Trade Request

Once the trade request has been created, it will appear in the Trade Pane Area of the Left Side Panel. By default the trade name will appear as Trade 1, Trade 2, etc. It is best to rename the trade request with something that is meaningful. To change the name of a trade request, click Trade, Rename or perform a slow double click on the trade to rename it.

How to Save a Trade Request

You can tell if a trade request was saved by looking next to the name of the Trade. If the diskette icon appears, you need to save the trade request. Click the Save button in the center of the Trade Pane Area.

How to Edit a Smart Trade Request

Once a Smart Trade request has been created, you may need to make a modification to the criteria or add more criteria. To edit a Smart Trade:

How to Delete a Trade Request

If a trade request is no longer needed, delete the trade by:

Notice that when you delete a trade, you will be prompted to confirm deletion and you cannot Undo this action.

How to Duplicate a Trade Request

You may have created a trade request and want to create another trade request based off the same trade or criteria. You can easily do this by:

How to Move a Trade Request Up or Down

If you have created a lot of trade requests and would like to order them based upon the trip, criteria you have set, you can Move Up in List or Move Down in List. Note: This will have no affect on the order of which Smart Trade is performed first.