Main Window Overview

The Main Window of Crew Companion contains many useful features, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the window components.

Window Area

Functionality Available

Title Bar

The Title Bar displays the name of the program and the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar contains drop down menus for using the program. Many of most commonly used features may also have a Shortcut Key assigned which can be found on the Menu Bar or Right Mouse click ability.
Note: If you are a past eTripTrader subscriber, the Shortcut keys have changed.

Toolbar Buttons

The Toolbar Buttons are shortcuts to the most commonly used features. Some buttons are ‘dynamic’ and will not be active depending on whether a trip or trade is selected.

Left Side Panel Pane

The Left Side Panel displays the current month along with All Trips, Available Trips, OpenTrips, Trade Board, Trips Wanted, Reserves Available, My Trips, My Notifications, My SkyNet Trades, My Proposals, Proposals to Me, and Line Builder. It is grouped with Trip information at the top, then trade info, then other info, and finally message info.

Trips & Trades Display Pane

Trips and trade information will display in the Trips & Trades Display Pane depending upon what was selected in the Left Side Panel.
Example: If Open Trips is selected in the Left Panel Pane, the Trip Trade Display Pane will display the Open Trips.

Selected Trade Pane

The Selected Trade Pane will display below the Trips & Trades Display Pane when a single trip trade request is selected from the Left Side Panel.

My Calendar Pane

My Calendar Pane will display the current month and trips in your calendar.

Summary Pane

The Summary Pane will display the work hours and pay information. This window will change depending if upon which item is selected in the Left Panel Pane

Message Area

The Message Area will display information about new Mail, Updates, and latest version.

Status Bar

The Status Bar will display the most recent program activity performed and whether you are connected to the internet, Unimatic and/or SkyNet.