Customize Screen Layout

When working with Crew Companion you can customize the screen to your liking. You can Resize, Show or Hide columns, Reorder and even Sort the columns. Keep in mind that you may need to do this once for each area (All Trips, Open Trips, My Trips, etc.) to get it initially set up.

Resize Window Panes, Columns, and Crew Companion Program Window

You can customize the size of the windows panes, columns, and Crew Companion window if they are too large or too small to view the information. Each one can be resized individually. To resize an area:

Scroll Bars

Depending upon the size of your Crew Companion window and the various panes, you may need to use the scroll bar to move within the window. Be on the lookout for a scroll to appear on the far right hand side of the Crew Companion window or at the bottom. To use the scroll bar:

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