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After Crew Companion has been installed and a Calrec pulled, Crew Companion will recognize you are a lineholder pilot. If you have been a reserve pilot in the past, you may notice several new items in the Left Side Panel, menu items and in the toolbar. The secret to success with SkyNet trip trading  is to create many trade requests and upload them as close as possible to noon on the 20th of the month prior.  Creating Smart Trades vs Direct Trades also expands your trip trading possibilities.  Shown below is how to create direct trades as well as Smart Trades and the process for shopping through the Trade Board and creating/accepting pilot to pilot trade requests.

How to Create an Direct Trade for a Trip on the Trade Board

There are several ways to create a Direct Trade request. Here are two easy ways to do it.

  1. Click Trade Board on the Left Side Panel.
  2. Drag-n-drop a desirable trip from the list of open trips in the top center pane to your calendar or to the My SkyNet Trades on the Left Side Panel.

  1. Click a trip in the list of trips on the Trade Board to ‘shop’ it in your calendar. Pay and legality information is indicated in the Calendar Summary and the trip is displayed as a visual timeline in the calendar.
  2. Click the blue diamond on the first day of the trip to create the pickup request, if desired.

How to Create a "Smart Trade" Criteria Based Trade Request

Again, there are several ways to create a Smart Trade:

  1. In the New Smart Trade List dialog box, select as many criteria as you wish to define the type of trip.
  2. Note that as you do, the number of trips matching your criteria is shown to the right and that number will continue to decrease as you add more restrictive criteria.
  3. Also note that any trips matching that criteria are listed above the calendar. This allows you to quickly spot any errors in your logic if trips are displayed that you do not want or vice versa.
  4. Add comments if desired.
  5. Click OK when complete.

Trade Board Post

Crew Companion greatly increases the number of trade possibilities by automatically creating a Trade Board Post when you create a SkyNet Trade Request regardless of whether you are requesting drops, trades or pick-ups . These posts are stored on our server and viewable by other pilots in your category (fleet/seat/domicile) for potential trading.

Select Trade Board from the Left Side Panel to show the trips pilots own but want to drop or trade away. Your own posted trips are orange and trips posted by other pilots are green. These trips are also displayed appropriately colored if 'All Trips' or 'Available Trips' are selected.

Click on the one of the trips in the list and the center section of the Trips and Trades Display Pane will show the criteria they'd like to trade for and any comments they added. You can also click the Show Trade Board Post button.

As the Trip Details displays below, the owners criteria and contact info will display if they have chosen that option.

By Clicking the Contact Owner button in the Trip Details popup pane allows to easily send a message and create a person-to-person trade proposal to the other pilot. You can also choose to send a Unimatic E-Note, change the Message template, and more! Click Close to save the information and NOT send a message. When you are ready to send a message to the other pilot click Send Message.

Any pilot to pilot trade proposals created will display under My Proposals and proposals that other pilots have made to me are listed under Proposals to Me. Trade Proposals are only created for one for one trade requests since that is the only type SkyNet will allow the other pilots file number to be entered.

For further explanation on the Trip Trade Status Icons, refer to the Legend button on the toolbar.

When a Pilot to Pilot trade proposal has been sent and accepted, a trade request is submitted to SkyNet by the pilot who accepts the proposal. The Pilot to Pilot checkbox is selected in the program automatically and the other pilot's File Number is submitted along with the request to SkyNet. Pilot to Pilot requests are processed before the normal trade run assuming the trade is legal in both pilots' calendars. This final step closes the loop that we began in the beginning when we first created the trade board post automatically when creating the Smart Trade.

This process greatly increases the number of tradable trips throughout the system and makes it easy for pilots to communicate their trade desires with other interested pilots. THAT is why I say the Crew Companion significantly improves upon the company-provided SkyNet trip trading system.

How to Submit to Skynet

When submitting trades to Skynet, it will automatically check the legality of the trade request. To submit trade requests to Skynet:

Create and Modify Multiple Trade Requests

Each subsequent trade request created will be added at the bottom of the ‘My SkyNet Trades’ but any trade request can be moved up or down the list by right clicking on the trade and selecting “Move up in list” or “Move down in list” to allow you to decide what order you’d like your primary and backup pickup attempts to fire.

Note: This is disabled once trades are submitted to SkyNet.

Create a Notification Criteria Set

You can also choose to just be notified when a new trip opens that meets your criteria by clicking the Create Notification toolbar button or right clicking on the Notifications on the Left Side Panel. Again, the Crew Companion server will check 24/7 for new trips and notify you via your desired notification methods. You can specify/change those by clicking Tools, Options, Notifications.

Help and Support

This program is extremely powerful at improving your quality of life but requires a small investment of your time to truly get all the full range of capabilities. Click the Help menu for access to the Help File, Tutorials, Technical Support, training classes and more. You can also refer to the Technical Support for more information.

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