Line Builder

The Line Builder has been created as a way to allow you to browse the monthly bidfile and create a potential line for submission to PBS. Switch to next month by clicking the right arrow in the Left Side Panel indicated below. The number next to ‘All Trips’ should show how many trips are available for your category and will be blank until the bidfile has been pulled by our server.

How to Use Line Builder

  1. To enter Line Builder, click Line Builder in the Left Side Panel.
  2. Then click the Enter Line Builder Mode button.

    Note: You can also click the Calendar, Line Builder Mode menu.
  3. You will know that you are in Line Builder Mode when you see “DRAFT” across the Calendar Pane and you will also see the Exit Line Builder Mode button.

  4. To begin building a line and shopping for trips, click All Trips in the Left Side Panel. You can browse through the list of trips by using your Up and Down arrow keys or clicking on each trip. Each trip that you select will appear in your “Draft” Calendar and also update the Summary Pane to indicate pay or legality.
  5. If you want to keep this trip and lock it into your line, click the Gold Lock Icon in the calendar cell on the first day of the trip to Lock Trip in Line. This will place the trip in your “Draft” Calendar and move the pay information to the right column of the Summary Pane.

    If a Trip ID operates on more than one effective date, there will be green dots on each calendar day it is effective. If you click the green dot on the desired date, you will see Move trip to this date, you can then click the Gold Lock Icon in the calendar cell to Lock trip in line.

    If you decide that you do not want to keep the trip that is displayed in the “Draft” Calendar:

    • Click on the next trip in the All Trips list to continue shopping.
    • Click the red no symbol to Clear shopped trip.

Use Notification Criteria to Filter Available Trips

When shopping for trips under the All Trips list, it is a good idea to use the Notification Criteria to filter the list so you do not have 600+ trips to shop.

To create a Notification Criteria Set, choose one of the options below:

Define Notification Criteria

  1. Click Tools, New Notification Criteria Set. The Creating Notification dialog box will appear and is divided into three different columns: Criteria, Operator (begins between, etc.), and Value. Note that you can specify as many Criteria as you need and they are displayed by rows.

    Note: Click the Show/Hide Tips button at the bottom of the Smart Trade List dialog box or refer to the Criteria Definitions for more explanation on what the criteria selection means.
  2. The first Criteria is:
    • Criteria is set to “Date Range
    • Operator is set to “begins between
    • Specify the Value by clicking the drop down arrow to select one date or click and drag your mouse to specify a date range.
  3. You can then specify further Criteria by clicking the drop down arrow and selecting “All Nighter, Arrival Time, Avg. Hours per Day, etc.” Depending upon the Criteria selected, the Operator and Value will change. Each Criteria that you add will continue to reduce the list of All Trips that you can shop and place into your line. Note in the example below the list of All Trips began at 591 and was filtered down to 62 after the Criteria was entered.

Once you have the All Trips filtered with the Notification Criteria, you can then sort the columns in Ascending or Descending order to your liking. To select more than one column:

By default the columns will appear in Ascending order. To change this order to Descending, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and select the column heading again.
Note: You can have up the 5 columns sorted at a time!

If you need to modify the Notification Criteria, click the Edit Notification button.

Once you are done using the Notification Criteria to build your line in Line Builder, you can delete this notification by right mouse clicking on the Notification and then click Delete. Also refer to the Notification section of the Help file for more information.

Remove a Trip from Line Builder

To remove a trip that you shopped and locked into your “Draft” Calendar:

  1. Click the Grey Lock in the calendar cell to Unlock Trip (remove from line).

  2. Drag the trip off your calendar back to the All Trips list.

Add and Remove Vacation and Training Days

If you want to add vacation or training days to the “Draft” calendar, right mouse click anywhere in the desired date cell and select from the items available:

If you want to remove or delete a Vacation or Training day that you added, right mouse click anywhere in the desired date cell and select Remove Vacation or Remove Training.

How to Exit Line Builder Mode

When you are finished shopping for trips and creating a line, you can exit Line Builder by selecting LineBuilder in the Left Side Panel and clicking the Exit Line Builder Mode button above the calendar.

Check Legality of a Trip

Each time a trip is brought into or out of your “Draft” Calendar, the line totals are recalculated and it is rechecked for legality. This information is shown in the Summary Pane. If a trip shows “This line is NOT legal”, click the Details button or “hover” over the legality item for a description and more information on why it is not legal. For more information, refer to Check Legality

Submit to Skynet PBS

Once the line is built to your liking, you can upload those trips to the SkyNet PBS page. Click the SkyNet toolbar button and Crew Companion will login you in to SkyNet. Click the PBS button on the SkyNet window to launch that page allowing you to manually enter your PBS request.