Personal Information

The Personal Information tab contains your default Email address, Domicile, Equipment, Seat, Hourly Rate, and Subscription Information. The first time you use Crew Companion, click Tools, Options, Personal Information tab and verify that this information is set correctly. If nothing is entered for Domicile, Equipment, and Seat, click the drop down arrow next to each item and select the correct choice.

Options Dialog

To access this area, click Tools, Options from the Menu Bar. Click on each of the tabs to make your desired change and when finished, click OK.  This will save all of the changes made on each individual tab.  If at any time you make a change to any tab contained in Tools, Options, click the Default button to reset the information.

Pay Rate Scale

If the Hourly rate is not entered:

  1. Click the Pay Rate Scale link. This will open a separate window listing the pay rates available.
  2. Locate your rate of pay and then enter that number back in the Crew Companion Hourly rate area. When finished on this tab, click OK.

Subscription Information

Your current Subscription Information is contained at the bottom of this dialog box. If you would like to change or upgrade your subscription, click the Change Subscription link.

Contact Information

Verify that your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number are correct. This information will be used when working with the Trade Board Post. Click OK when finished.