Misc Tab

The Misc. tab contains information regarding legality checking and Smart Pickup for reserve pilots.

Options Dialog

To access this area, click Tools, Options from the Menu Bar.  Click on the Misc tab to make your desired change and when finished, click OK.  This will save all of the changes made on each individual tab.  If at any time you make a change to any tab contained in Tools, Options, click the Default button to reset the information.

Legality Checking Options

Check this option if you want to disable Crew Companion from automatically checking legality on the fly. You can still manually check legality by clicking the Check Legality button in the calendar summary section.

Reserve Pickup Options

When you create a Smart Pickup Request and click OK, Crew Companion will automatically check any open trips to see if they match your criteria. If there are trips that match your criteria, you will be prompted to create a Smart Pickup Request for any existing open trips. You can choose Yes or No on this dialog box.

If you DO NOT want to be prompted and have Crew Companion automatically create a Smart Pickup Request for each trip that matches your criteria, click Yes in this dialog box. You will then no longer be prompted to create a Smart Pickup Request for each trip that matches your criteria.

Note: Keep in mind that the number of Open Trips that match your criteria could be 0 or it could be over 100 depending on how broad your criteria is set. If you change this setting and have Crew Companion automatically create a Smart Pickup Request for each trip that matches, you could end up with a lot of Smart Pickup Requests!

By default Crew Companion will start the aggressive pickup process 5 minutes before the window opens. If you have a slow internet connection or dial up modem, you may want to change this setting to be between 5 and 10 minutes.

Unimatic Disconnect

By default once you have connected to Unimatic, Crew Companion will automatically disconnect after 15 minutes of inactivity. You can change this setting from 5 to 55 minutes. During an Aggressive Pickup attempt, there is constant activity so you will not be disconnected.

Trade Board

You can choose to completely 'Opt Out' of the Trade Board even if your subscription level permits access. However, by doing this you it is more difficult for others to trade trips with you because they will not know whether you wish to drop or trade your trips. You can still submit trades to Skynet but they will only display as Potentially Open.

If you check the box to Opt-Out, you will be prompted with the dialog box below. If you click Yes to disable the personal information of phone and e-mail from displaying, you can uncheck the box to activate these features again.


Note: If you hover your mouse over the Include Crew Companion note on E-Note, it will display the text that is appended to the E-Note upon delivery to non-Crew Companion customers.