Display Options

The Display Options tab contains information that is displayed in various parts of Crew Companion.

Options Dialog

To access this area, click Tools, Options from the Menu Bar. Click on the Display tab to make your desired change and when finished, click OK.  This will save all of the changes made on each individual tab.  If at any time you make a change to any tab contained in Tools, Options, click the Default button to reset the information.

Trip Lists Options

If the box to “Show past trips in All Trips list” is checked, when “All Trips” is selected on the left side panel, current as well as trips in the past will be displayed.

If the box to “Show All Trips rolled up by ID” is checked, trips that operate on more than one date will be ‘rolled up’ into one line listing all the dates instead of being displayed on a separate line for each ID/Date.

Calendar Display Options

These settings pertain to the timeline displayed in your calendar. If you would like to see the “departure/arrival airport” or “pay time” in the calendar click one of these options.

Expired Trade Display Options

You can choose to display “expired trades”, “expired trades after 3 days”, or to “not hide expired trades”. It may be helpful to hide these trips so that the list of trips shown is smaller and easier to sort through when you have a lot of expired trips.

Help and Training

By default the Context Sensative Tips will display when you hover an item. If you want to turn this feature off, uncheck the box. You can also Mark All Tutorials as Read. Click OK when finished.