Calendar Options

As you go through the program set up options (Tools, Options menu), make sure to review the "Calendar Tab" as you can conveniently synchronize your Crew Companion calendar with either iCal or Outlook calendars, set up Google Calendar export options and if you are a lineholder, set up VERID options.

Calendar syncing (via CalDAV)

If calendar syncing is enabled, choose how you want the trips to be displayed on your calendar and whether to include calendar codes, user created events, RDO/HDOs and reserve days. Instructions to setup of the syncing to your Outlook calendar and/or iCalendar are provided under the links below.

  • Outlook Set Up
  • iCal Set Up
  • Export to Google Calendar (not using CalDAV)

    If you use the Google calendar, choose how you want the trips to be displayed on your calendar and enter your Google email address. Instructions to setup of the Google export are provided under the link below.

  • Google Export
  • VERID (N/A reserve pilots)

    Choose whether Crew Companion should remind you to perform the ID verification or automatically do it for you or neither.

  • Auto-VERID (Platinum level feature)
    specify how many hours prior (36, 32, 28, 24 or 20) you want the ID auto-verification performed. Remember that we can only verify ID's that we know about. That means if you trip trade, make sure you refresh your Calendar in Crew Companion.

    You'll receive a "heads up" reminder message 4 hours before the time you specify for the VERID telling you we're going to do it for you. If we don't detect that you have a computer on somewhere to perform the VERID, we'll warn you right then. If you receive the heads up reminder and are not feeling well, now is your chance to deselect Auto-VERIFY on the Tools/Options/Calendar Tab and manually verify later or call in sick depending on how you feel later.

    You'll need to keep at least one computer on with Crew Companion running (minimized is OK) to log into Unimatic and perform the VERID when the time comes. The program will ask you if you want to minimize to the system tray when you try to close it. We have to use your machine to fire the VERID when the time comes because we canít store your Unimatic password on our server.

    You'll receive a message telling you whether we succeeded or failed to perform the VERID and Crew Companion will display a green check mark on the calendar when successful.

  • Remind me to VERID (Gold level feature)
    We send a reminder notification to your desired methods (email, cell phone text message, and/or voice message) when it's time to verify your next trip. Choose how many hours prior (24, 28, 32 or 36) you want the reminder sent.

  • No Auto-Verid or Reminder
    Select this option if you do not want Crew Companion to remind you nor perform the VERID. This is the only option for Bronze and Silver subscribers.