Check Legality of a Trade

How to Check Legality of a Trade Request During Creation

When you create a potential trade request, the Summary Pane will update to display if there is a change in Hard Time, Pay Time, etc. It will also provide the option to Create as Trade, Clear, and provide Details if the line is legal or NOT legal.

If the Trade displays as NOT Legal to obtain more information:

The Legality Check Results dialog box will display with the reason why the trade is NOT Legal displayed at the top with a red X. If the trade is truly NOT Legal, you can delete the trade request or submit it to SkyNet anyway if you think it may become legal later. However, if the trade shows as NOT Legal, but you believe that it is legal, contact our Technical Support.

If you want to disable the ability to check legality on the fly, click Tools, Options, Misc. tab and check the box that reads “Disable on-the-fly legality checking”. You can still manually check legality by clicking the Check Legality button in the calendar summary section.

How to Check Legality With Skynet

Before you submit your Trades to Skynet it is a good idea to check the legality of the trade. For a Smart Trade, you do not need to check the legality of the trade, however for a Direct Trade, Trade Away, Trade Into, or Pilot-to-Pilot Trade; you will need to check legality.

You can also check legality of a specific trip by:

When you are ready to check the Legality with Skynet, choose one of the options above. Crew Companion will automatically launch the Skynet Window and check the legality of the trips.