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What Do I Do at Noon on the 20th?

To submit your SkyNet Trade Requests to Skynet on the 20th, you (or someone capable of pressing a button and typing letters) must be at your computer to initiate the process. Complete the steps below at Noon on the 20th to submit your SkyNet trades.

  1. Open Crew Companion.
  2. Verify that your Daily Trade Requests are created. If you have not created any Daily Trade Request, click here for instructions on how to do so.
  3. A few minutes before noon on the 20th, click the Submit Trades button. The Skynet window will open and automatically log you in.
  4. When prompted enter the Authentication Code and then click Save Request. It may take several attempts at entering the Authentication Code and clicking “Save Request” before the official clock strikes “noon” and you see the message "Your trade was saved."
  5. Finish entering your trades as above and watch the screens auto-fill the trade information.
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