New Flight Attendant Subscriber Installation

Install & Setup

Once you have completed the Prerequisite step for an AOL Screenname and password, you are ready to proceed with installing Crew Companion.

  1. From the Download Page, under Download and install Crew Companion, click on the Current Release version x.xx.x link.
  2. In the Opening CrewCompanionSetup.exe dialog box, you may be prompted either Save File or Run.
    • If you click Save File, download this file to a location of your choice. Once you download the executable file for Crew Companion (CrewCompanionSetup.exe), locate that file and double click it to begin the setup. If you cannot find the file, look on your computer desktop, it may have been downloaded there.
    • If you are prompted to Run the file, click Run.

  3. The Welcome to the Crew Companion Setup dialog box will appear, click the Next button.

  4. The installer will detect whether your machine has the prerequisites installed and if not, will download and install them for you. Crew Companion will prepare to down the necessary files to your computer. When prompted to select the Destination Folder, accept the default and click the Next button.

  5. When the Destination Folder Step is complete, in the Crew Companion - Login dialog box, you will be prompted to enter your User Name and Password. If you are a current subscriber, enter this information and click Login. Crew Companion will automatically start and you are finished with the installation process!

  6. When the Destination Folder Step is complete, in the Crew Companion - Login dialog box, if you are not a current subscriber or have not signed up for a free trial account, click Create a free trial account.
  7. If you are a Pilot, check the Pilot button.
  8. Enter and complete ALL of the information in the Crew Companion – Login dialog box.
  9. Check the “I agree to the Terms of Service” box, then click Sign Up.

  10. If this is the first time you have used Crew Companion, you will be greeted with a Welcome screen. Click Continue to walk through the steps in the First Run Wizard. Note that each step will open a separate dialog box for you to complete the information and Enter Passwords, UAL/AOL Authentication, Refreshing Data, Notification Methods, and Personal Information. At the end of each step, click OK to close the dialog box, then click Continue to move on.

If you experience problems with the download or installation of Crew Companion, refer to the Install Problems and complete the steps provided.

What Do I Do Next?

To begin using Crew Companion, it is recommended that you familiar yourself with the program first, reference the information below for a quick overview:

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