ZED Flight Planner (ZFP)

The Zed Flight Planner makes it easy to pull flight information and gives you an indication of what your chances are of getting onboard.

To access your ZED Flight Planner, within the main Crew Companion program, go to "Tools" then click on "Zed Flight Planner". Just like it is illustrated in the image below.

How do I use ZED?

In order to enjoy the convenience of your ZFP, follow these simple steps to create your first as well as any other queries:

Should you need to view flight details, simply click on a desired flight number link and the following window will open up displaying the flight details.

Notice you are able to conveniently find out if there are any airport delays and even what the weather is suppose to be like. Please be aware that, after you click on either "Airport Delays" or "Weather Info." links, your web browser will open and launch each corresponding site outside of the Crew Companion program.

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