How to Get Trip Details

To access the Details of a Trip, you can:

To Get Trip Details:
  1. Use one of the methods above to Get Trip Details.

    The Segments of the trip will be listed and if you click Airport it will display the information for that specific airport or click All to display all airport information. Notice that you can get more information on the airport, for example: Summary, Airfield Diagram, TAF, Charts, and more.

  2. The Trip Details dialog box will automatically appear in a graphical format. Click Show Raw Data to display the information in a text format. Note that when Show Raw Data is selected, the button will change Hide Raw Data.
  3. Whichever option is selected Show Raw Data or Hide Raw Data, when you click Print; this is the format that will be printed.

If the Trip Details dialog box does not display the correct information, click the Update Now button or contact Technical Support for assistance.

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