Trip Trade Request Information

Crew Companion has made trip trading a breeze with a variety of options for trading trips whether you are a lineholder or reserve flight attendant. There are many ways to create a trade request in Crew Companion, try one of the methods listed below:

Trip Trade Dialog Box and Icons

If you are using one of the toolbar buttons New Trip Pickup, New Trip Trade, or New Trip Drop to create a trade request, it is helpful to familiar yourself with the Legend for a definition on what the different icons mean. In the illustration below, you will see that BLACK icons signify a DSPFAI Trade Request, ORANGE icons signify a Trade Board Request, and RED icons signify an Auto Trade Request. When you click an option in the dialog box, the right side definition area will display an explanation on the type of trade request.

Refer to the information below for step-by-step instructions on how trade, pickup, or drop a trip!

Types of Trades Available

Trade Request Options

Pickup Request Options

Drop Request Options