A "Notification" is essentially just a set of criteria that you specify. The Crew Companion server sends you a message to your chosen Notification Methods when it becomes aware of a new open trip or BB Post that matches your criteria. When working with Crew Companion keep in mind that you can set an unlimited number of notifications and there are many ways to access the Notification Criteria Set dialog box.

To access the Notification Criteria Set dialog box you can use any of these methods:

How to Create a Notification

The first step in creating a notification is to define the criteria. Keep in mind that you can create as many notifications as you wish.

  1. Click Tools, New Notification Criteria Set. The Creating Notification dialog box will appear and is divided into three different columns: Criteria, Operator (begins between, etc.), and Value. Note that you can specify as many Criteria as you need and they are displayed by rows.

  2. Note: Click the Show/Hide Tips button at the bottom of the Smart Trade List dialog box or refer to the Criteria Definitions for more explanation on what the criteria selection means.

  3. The first Criteria is:
    • Criteria is set to “Date Range
    • Operator is set to “begins between
    • Specify the Value by clicking the drop down arrow to select one date or click and drag your mouse to specify a date range.
  4. You can then specify further Criteria by clicking the drop down arrow and selecting “All Nighter, Arrival Time, Avg. Hours per Day, etc.” Depending upon the Criteria selected, the Operator and Value will change. Each Criteria that you add will continue to reduce the list of trips that you will be notified for. Note in the example below the list of All Trips began at 591 and was filtered down to 62 after the Criteria was entered.
  5. Click the Notify for drop down arrow and select the desired option:

    • For Lineholder flight attendants, when creating a Notification you can choose to be notified of Trade Board Posts, Open Trips, or Open Trips + Posted Trips.
    • For Reserve flight attendants, when creating a Notification you can choose to be notified of ONLY Open Trips or None (Disabled) a Notifications.
  6. When finished adding all of the criteria, click OK.

Note: To disable a notification, choose the None (Disabled) option. Also refer to Disable Notification.

An example of a Notification may be that you do not want to be notified of short calls. If that is the case, you would need to set the Criteria to be “Hard Time, is less than, 1:00

How to Create a Perpetual Notification

If you want to create a perpetual notification, in the Creating Notification dialog box, click the Date Range Operator and select Perpetual. You can then continue to Add more criteria as needed and click OK when done.

Duplicate Notification

If you have created a Notification that has criteria you would like to use for another notification except you want to edit a small part of the criteria, instead of creating a brand new notification, use the Duplicate Notification option.

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