Toolbar Buttons

When using Crew Companion, in addition to using the Menu bar or a Right Mouse click, some of the most common features can be found as a Toolbar button. When you open and log into Crew Companion, the system will recognize if you are a Lineholder Pilot or Reserve Pilot. Just like the Menu bar items, the Toolbar buttons will recognize this and change accordingly.

Toolbar Button

Functionality Available

Refresh trip information for My Calendar, All Trips, Open Trips, and Selected Trip Details.

Create a new notification criteria.

Create a new trade board post.

Submit a post to Unimatic.

Display and Print complete trip details and all preflight data for a specific flight.

Open the Unimatic or Apollo Terminal window.

Open the Skynet window.

View Login Messages from eTripTrader staff.

Quick guide Legend to the icon descriptions for Panel and Trip, Trip Flags, Trip Trade Status, Trip Trade Legality, and Calendar and Trip Timeline.

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