The Refresh tab of the Options dialog contains information on how and when your computer will refresh Open Trips, Calendar, Trip Details and Reserves Available. The first time you use Crew Companion, click Tools, Options, Refresh tab and check the boxes in this dialog box to determine when and how Crew Companion is going to refresh information. You can always come back to this location and change any Refresh settings that you make.

Options Dialog

To access this area, click Tools, Options from the Menu Bar.  Click on the Refresh tab to make your desired change and when finished, click OK.  This will save all of the changes made on each individual tab.  If at any time you make a change to any tab contained in Tools, Options, click the Default button to reset the information.

Automatic Refresh Actions

When you check the 'Get detials for open trips that do not have them' box, those detials will automatically refresh without any interaction from you when needed. Check the 'Show Unimatic terminal during refresh' if you want that terminal window to pop up when peforming Unimtaic actions.

Refresh Button Default Actions

When you check the items contained in 'Refresh Button' section, these items will be updated when you click the Refresh button in the toolbar. Items checked under the 'Startup' section will be peformed when the program is initially started.

Note: The items that display and asterisk “*” next to them will automatically cause a login to Unimatic.

Refresh Toolbar Button

In addition to the Refresh items found under Tools, Options, there is also a Refresh button on the toolbar. If you click the drop down arrow next to Refresh, this will manually update/refresh the item that you click on - Reserves Available for example will update the RSVSKD.. If you click the Refresh Settings option, this will take you to the Refresh tab found under Tools, Options.

In addition to clicking the Refresh button, you can click View, Refresh Specific Items and select the item to refresh from the list.