Logins and Passwords

The Logins and Password tab contains your passwords for Crew Companion, Unimatic, SkyNet, and AOL. These password fields HAVE to be populated with your correct password in order for Unimatic to connect and any automated reserve pickups to be successful. If you do not choose to have the passwords stored encrypted on your machine, you will be asked to enter them each time you connect to Unimatic and SkyNet. The first time you use Crew Companion, click Tools, Options, Logins and Password tab and verify that this information is set correctly.

Options Dialog

To access this area, click Tools, Options from the Menu Bar. Click on the Logins and Password tab to make your desired change and when finished, click OK.  This will save all of the changes made on each individual tab.  If at any time you make a change to any tab contained in Tools, Options, click the Default button to reset the information.

Change Password

If you need to change your password:
  1. Click Tools, Options, Logins and Password.
  2. Enter your current password in the dialog box and click Change.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your New Password and Confirm New Password. Once you have entered the new password two times, click OK.

Unmask Password

If you do not know if your password or AOL Screenname are correct, click the Unmask passwords button. You will be prompted to enter either your primary or alternate Unimatic password or your SkyNet password. As long as you remember one of them, it will accept it and then your passwords will be displayed.

Note: If your password for Unimatic, Skynet, or AOL change, that changes is not transferred to Crew Companion. You MUST come into Crew Companion and click Tools, Options, Logins and Password to update and change your password. If you are also running the old eTripTrader program, password changes are not mirrored between the two programs.

Remember Passwords

If you would like Crew Companion to remember your Crew Companion user name and password, check the box at the top of the window that reads “Remember me on this computer.” You will then not need to enter your username and password when you log into Crew Companion.

If you click the “Remember Passwords” box at the bottom, you will not be prompted to enter your unimatic password or AOL Screen Name and Password when you try to connect to Unimatic.