Synchronizing your Crew Companion calendar with MS Outlook

Your Crew Companion calendar may be automatically synchronized with other calendars of your preference (i.e. Outlook 2010 OR Outlook 2007).

To begin your calendar synchronization set up, some steps must be completed in the Crew Companion program first. Please view the steps below.

Once the calendar tab is selected, place a check mark in the box next to the "Enable calendar synching (via CalDAV)".

Calendar Tab

Setting up Outlook 2010

Now that you have prepared the Crew Companion following the CC Set Up steps, open your Outlook calendar "From Internet".

IMPORTANT NOTE: After pasting the link, you must manually change the "123456" numbers to your file number..

Do not enter "U" or any preceding zeros as part of your file number.

After you've edited your file number, click "OK".

Another Microsoft Outlook window will open asking you if you would like to "Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook and subscribe to updates?" Please click "Yes".

In the last step enter your FILE number as your "user name" (NOT your Crew Companion user name). However, DO enter your Crew Companion password.

A window, as the one shown below, will display and shortly you will see Crew Companion calendar in your Outlook.

Setting up Outlook 2007

After completing the Crew Companion setup, follow the steps below to setup your 2007 MS Outlook.

Do not enter "U" or any preceding zeros as part of your file number.

Next, several windows will open and you need to click through them as follows:

Lastly, enter your file number (with no preceding zeros OR "U" in front of it) and your Crew Companion password.

Your Crew Companion events should now be visible in your Outlook calendar.

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