Flight Attendant Quick Start Guide

Print Flight Attendant Quick Start Card


After Crew Companion has been installed, it will pull your DSPLOF to confirm you are a current UAL flight attendant before providing you full program access. This quick start card only scratches the surface of the program's capabilities. See the Help menu for more info on how to get the most improvement in your quality of life.

How to Update Your Calendar

At any time you can update your calendar to display the latest information. To update your calendar:

  1. Click the drop down arrow next to the Refresh button.
  2. Click My Calendar Trip Details.
  3. ClickTrade Allotments and that info will also display in the Calendar.
  4. Click My Calendar Trip Details.

You can also click Calendar, Show My Calendar or double-click the calendar to display your schedule in a separate window to allow you to export and print it.

How to Update Open & Trade Board Trip Lists

At any time you can update the list of Open Trips. To update the Open Trips list:

  1. Select Available Trips on the Left Side Panel.
  2. Click Refresh Open Trips button to pull the entire OPNTRP for the month.
  3. Click Refresh Trade Board button to pull the entire OPNTRP for the month.

Note: You can also customize Crew Companion so when you click the Refresh button it will update the Open Trips and Trade Board. Click Tools, Options, Refresh and check the boxes under Refresh Button Default Actions

How to Get and Update Trip Details

The fastest way to get Trip Details is to double click the trip either in the Open Trips, My Trips, or Calendar Pane. If the trip does not contain the latest information, click the Update Now button. You can then choose to Print or Show Raw Data.

Note: You can also modify your trips and trades display to reduce how often you need the full trip details by clicking View/Customize Current List… and then choosing which columns you wish to display/hide as well as the sort order.


The Legend contains information for a quick guide to the Trip Icons and Trip Timeline.

Click the Legend button, then click the drop down arrow to select the appropriate option to display either the Trips and Trade Panel Icons or Trip Timeline.

1-Click Preflight

The 1-Click Preflight is your one stop shop when preparing to fly. The 1-Click Preflight contains your calendar, flight segments, door codes, flight attendant brief, hotel and transportation information and can be printed or exported.

To pull a 1-Click Preflight, you can choose one of these options:

Note: To change the items that appear with a 1-Click Preflight, click Tools, Options, 1-Click Preflight and check/uncheck the items that you want. You can also change the default print size for each item.

Create a Notification

You can choose to be notified when a new trip opens that meets your criteria by:

You can choose to be notified when a new trip opens that meets your criteria. The Crew Companion server will check 24/7 for new trips and notify you via your desired notification methods as soon as it learns of new open trips matching your criteria.

To create a notification:

  1. Click the New Notification toolbar button or right clicking Notifications on the Left Side Panel.
  2. Highlight the dates in the calendar displayed to select the date range.
  3. Click the drop down arrow for "add more criteria".
  4. Note: You can add as many criteria as you need.

  5. Click OK when finished.

Matched trips regardless of whether they are open now or not will display with a purple icon.  Click Tools, Options, Notifications to change your notification methods for your e-mail address and phone text messaging.

Help and Support

Crew Companion is extremely powerful at improving your quality of life but requires a small investment of your time to truly get all the full range of capabilities. Click the Help menu for access to the Help File, Tutorials, Technical Support, and more. You can also refer to the Technical Support for more information.