Friend Auto-Trades

The Crew Companion Auto-Trade feature is now even more powerful at improving quality of life! Now, if a trip pops open meeting your criteria but your Crew Companion program is not active, your friend can submit the DSPFAI for you. Your friends may need YOU to submit trades for them occasionally too, so similar to the Companion Network membership, you must agree to have your computer connected to the Crew Companion server at least 10% of the time.

Note: Auto-Trades and Friend Auto-Trades are a Gold Level Feature. See the Subscribe Page for details.

If YOUR machine is on, it will process DSPFAI trades for YOUR OWN Auto-Trades about 3 minutes before any "Friend Auto-Trades" may be processed. So your own trades will always be taken care of before your friends' requests.

What that also means is it's better to leave your machine on and connected to Crew Companion, if possible especially if you desire CHARTERS. Sometimes, that simply isn't possible and then, your friends can take care of submitting that DSPFAI for you as long as at least one of them has their machine on. If you have a small friends list and no one is connected, the DSPFAI will not be submitted so consider selecting 'Everyone is my friend' till your friends are all improving their quality of life with Crew Companion too.

Auto-Trade Friends Network (Tools/Options/Misc Tab):

You don't have to participate if you don't want to! If you chose to participate with Friend Auto-Trades, we offer two methods to define your friends. See below:

Adding Friends

If you select 'Use My Friends List' click 'Change List' and enter a file number of your friend. If they are already a Crew Companion customer, they will immediately be added to your friends list. If they are not a Crew Companion customer, they will be sent an invitiation eNote. You'll be able to edit the eNote before sending.
Note:They must add you to their friends too or have selected 'Everyone is My Friend' before they can process trades for you.

TRDKEY support

If you have an active TRDKEY set in Unimatic, enter that on the Tools/Options/Logins and Passwords Tab and that key will be passed to your friend to enable the DSPFAI submission. If you do not do this step, a trade submission by a friend will fail.