1-Click Preflight

The 1-Click Preflight is your one stop shop for Trip Details. The 1-Click Preflight contains:

By default, the 1-Click Preflight will be pulled for the current or next trip but can be pulled for any trip in your calendar by bringing up the Trip Details and clicking the 1-Click Preflight button.

Note: You can change what information is pulled in a 1-Click Preflight by clicking on Tools, Options, 1-Click Preflight. By default all of the boxes are checked, uncheck the boxes you do not want and click OK.

How to Get a 1-Click Preflight

  1. Use one of the following methods to get 1-Click Preflight.
    • Click Tools, 1-Click Preflight
    • Click the Preflight button on the toolbar
    • Double click any trip in calendar to view the Trip Details and then click the 1-Click Preflight button
  2. Notice that you can Print, Export to Word, Show Options (this is the same as clicking Tools, Options, 1-Click Preflight), or Show Unimatic.
  3. When finished with the 1-Click Preflight, click Close.

Note: If you Print directly from the 1-Click Preflight window, the information may print on multiple pages. If you Export to MS Word you have more control over the format and may be able to reduce how many pages it prints on.

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