Submitting SkyNet Trade(s)

Crew Companion Lite allows you to create and submit SkyNet trip trades from a web browser such as Safari on the iPad or a Mac without the need to install the main Crew Companion program. Not ALL features of the downloaded program are available through CC Lite but now, trades can be created either in the program or in CC Lite and they can then be submitted to SkyNet from the web through CC Lite.
Note: A blocked Calrec will require the Crew Companion program to be installed in your Windows environment. Contact support for details.

Once you are logged in into the CC Lite:

  1. Click on the tab with your “file number”
  2. Select “My Trades” (see image below)
  3. Review the existing trades that state “Not submitted to SkyNet” and decide if they should be or not
  4. Should you choose to submit ALL unsubmitted trades to SkyNet, simply click on the link that states “Submit trades to SkyNet” OR should you choose to submit a single trade to SkyNet, select a drop down arrow to the right of the selected trade and click on “Submit to SkyNet”.
  5. You will be prompted with a SkyNet log in window
  6. Enter your file number and SkyNet password and click on “Log in”
  7. Next you will be prompted to enter a three digit Captcha code
  8. Finally, click the “Submit” button
  9. If submitting more than one trade, the next trade will be immediately submitted and a new Captcha code displayed.
  10. Continue the process until all trades have been submitted.