Smart Pickup

A Smart Pickup is a set of criteria defining the trips and/or non-flying assignents you wish to Aggresive Pickup. If one is found, a Direct Pickup request is created for that trip just above the Smart Pickup. Some criteria are: date range, number of days, departure time, etc. You can specify as many criteria per trade as you wish. Below is a detailed explanation of steps required to create a Smart Pickup.

  1. With your mouse, click on the "Create Smart Pickup Request" link.
  2. In step 1 you will select "Pickup details". The details are the criteria which you can select to define the trips and/or non-flying assignents you wish to Aggresive Pickup
  3. Once your criteria have been defined you can select "Show Matches" link and it will display all trips that match your criteria. As you select trips in the match list, you will notice on the right hand side that you can view how the trip will fit in your calendar, affect your "Pay Summary" and see whether the selected trip is legal or not.
  4. Left click on the trip you’d like to pick up and click "Next".
  5. On the review page of you pickup request you will be able to re-name your trade name, review the criteria of the trip you are trading into, select any non-flying assignments you’d like as well as the minimum pre-departure time.
  6. Click 'Save' to arm the request. You must have a Windows computer available to actually fire any newly open trips matching your criteria because they cannot fire from our server.