Computer Preferencing

Platinum subscribers will now be able to arm a Direct Pickup on one machine and have a completely different computer actually make the pickup attempt! This can be achieved through "Computer Preferencing" feature.

For an example, if your desktop computer at home has the main Crew Companion version on it but you carry your laptop with you where ever you go so you can access your CCLite, we can detect both of those machines and for your convenience utilize them both.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You always want to put your fastest computer on top of the list!!!

So lets say that your laptop is faster than your desktop. You got it, you will want to put your laptop as the "number one preferred" machine on the computer preferencing list. And even though you requested a direct pick up on your desktop before you left home, since you indicated the laptop to be on top of your preferred list in CCLite we will use it (the laptop) to fire that pickup if it's available. If your laptop is not online when the window is about to open, the desktop will fire the pickup. You can move your computers up or down on the preference list through CCLite "Options" under the "Misc." tab. See image below.

Select the machine whose position you’d like to change with a single mouse click and click on either "Move Up", "Move Down", or "Remove" and 'Save' your changes.