Creating a Smart Trade Request (Criteria Trade)

How to Create a Smart Trade?

  1. Click on the "Create Trade" link in the upper, right corner.
  2. From the tradable trips list, on “My Trades” page, select which trip(s) you wish to trade away.
  3. Note in the image above by selecting more than one trip in your schedule, you are prompted with two options: “Any Trip” and “All Trips”. Here you can select whether you are willing to trade away ALL of these trips during this single trade or ANY one of them in order to achieve what you wish with your own schedule.

    As you add trips to trade away, they display partially transparent orange in the calendar to indicate a dropped trip, they trip shows as a drop in the Potential Trade pane, your monthly summary info is updated and legality is calculated. Click Next to move to define what you want to trade into.

  4. Here you will select trips you would like to pick up based on specific criteria (Smart Trade).
  5. a) Ensure the “Use criteria” radio button is selected.
    b) Select a date or a date range during which you would like to obtain a trip
    c) Click on a drop down menu titled “Add new criteria” and select as many criteria as desired
    d) Click “Show Matches” to see which trips match your criteria and verify those trips agree with what you expect based on your criteria.
    NOTE: As you are shopping through your 'matches', pay attention to the right side of the page also. Conveniently, all of your legalities, pay, and calendar will update to give you a true picture of the potential schedule for that month.
    e) Click “Next”
  6. “Review” your selections, make necessary changes, and lastly, save your trade.
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