Personal Tab

Personal Tab contains your own calendar, notifications, and Zed Flight Planner queries. See below for details.

My Calendar

On "My Calendar" page you are able to view your entire calendar as well as the summary for a selected month. Additionally, you may print, even export your calendar to iCal or Google calendar. Lastly, we know that some of you might prefer the view of the raw data so we've enabled that functionality for you as well. Simply click on the "Raw" link and it should take you to that formatting.



Notifications are alerts for trips that are newly open or that have just been posted to the tradeboard. In CCLite one is able to set up an unlimited amount of notifications with specific set of criteria. While the process is rather simple, we encourage you to take a moment and review some of the key steps on setting up your notifications.

To begin the process, after you log in, under your personal (file number) tab, click on "My Notifications" link and then click on the "Create Notifications" button located just above your calendar on the right side of the page.

  1. Next, rename the notification as desired and choose whether you are interested in open and/or tradeboard trips.
  2. Select whether the criteria will apply to any "Non-flying assignments".
  3. The "Min Pre-Departure Time" allows you to define how many hours prior to departure you want to begin getting notifications or no longer get them.
  4. In the criteria section, first choose your date range. The perpetual option allows you to create a criteria set once and it will remain in place month after month unless deleted. Numerous options are available, as shown in the image below, to ensure you get the best fitting trip for your schedule.
  5. Next, add additional criteria to further restrict notifications, as desired. Numerous options are available, as shown in the image below, to ensure you get the best fitting trip for your schedule.
  6. +

    By selecting "Show Matches" you can see below there are 120 pages of trips matching the loosly set criteria in our example.


"Save" your notification(s) and the Crew Companion server will continuously search for new trips matching your criteria. Your saved notification will appear on the "My Notification" page.


NOTE: To delete your notification you no longer need, simply glide your mouse over it until a small 'trashcan' symbol appears. Click it, confirm by selecting "yes" and you're done.

Zed Flight Planner

The Zed Flight Planner makes it easy to pull flight information and gives you an indication of what your chances are of getting onboard.

  1. Once you acces "My Zed Queries" page to create a new query, click the "Create Query" button above your calendar on the right.
  2. +

  3. Enter your departing airport code and the airport code of your destination. Also, don't forget to indicate if this is a round trip.
  4. After choosing your times of departure/arrival, click Save & Run button.
  5. Within a few seconds CCLite will provide you with the results of several options. Zed Flight Planner will tell you if your chances of getting onto any particular flight are:"Great", just "OK", or "Poor".

    So, by creating this new query, the program is actually performing two steps. While it is running the results for you it is also saving this query for you should you need it again.

    Next time if you need this same route, you can just locate this same query on the "My Zed Queries" page.